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The Sociable Scientists share knowledge, innovation, and creative solutions with residents, organizations, and communities across Vancouver Island through applied research and dynamic facilitation. Our team integrates tourism, recreation, and leisure with quality of life to create tremendous opportunity for sustainability and resiliency initiatives both in the present and the future. If you are an individual, a business, a not-for-profit organization, or a government agency engaged in enhancing quality of life for your community, The Sociable Scientists want to work with you. Connect with Laurel and we can discuss ideas!

What We Do

The Sociable Scientists are driven by a belief that active engagement in leisure enhances quality of life for individuals, communities, and our society as a whole. We design and deliver creative research projects, marketing campaigns, knowledge mobilization strategies, and community development initiatives from sustainability and leisure perspectives. We take an active and applied approach to each and every project to ensure our clients and partners are involved and engaged in both the process and results, thus enhancing the collective capacity of those we work with.