Community engagement – a few pledges for the next 12 months

Kirsten, Erin, and Laurel

Kirsten, Erin, and Laurel

Last weekend, The Sociable Scientists attended Connect V.I. in Nanaimo.  This gathering of young professionals and  guests shared ideas, inspiration, and good times for the purposes of connecting, engaging, and leading.  I love a good conference and the Young Professionals of Nanaimo hosted a great meet & mix at the Nanaimo Museum on Friday evening, lots of learning on Saturday, and followed it up with a downtown scavenger hunt and gala event to round it all out.

My greatest takeaway from the entire conference was a pledge to actively engage in my community.  A large number of ways to contribute were discussed during one of the afternoon sessions, then someone wrote them all up on big flip chart paper, put them on the wall, and invited the delegates to sign their names to any and all action items of interest.  I signed up for quite a few – and I thought for a good while about how many I could commit to and I’m confident that I’ll be able to do all of these things (some I’m doing already so they were a bit easier).  So feel free to ask me if I’m taking my pledges seriously.  Part of the reason I’m posting about this is to make myself more accountable to not only myself, but to all of my friends, colleagues, and clients.  And if you want to help me with any of these or join in the fun, I’m happy for the company:).


In 2013/2014, I will:

1. Attend local arts/culture/music festivities on Vancouver Island

2. Educate children about their relationship to the planet

3. Attend an intergenerational event

4. Purchase local goods and services

5. Connect with educators, offer to share my skills, knowledge, and/or experience in the classroom

6. Get involved with local school board

7. Grow my own food

This was my garden last year; only ripe things so far this year are strawberries:)

This was my garden last year; only ripe things so far this year are strawberries:)


8. Make my local purchasing decisions known

9. Seek out a board that interests me – attend meetings

10. Continue the conversation about what the vision for Vancouver Island looks like

11. Participate in educational sessions about political systems/procedures/platforms

12. Participate in community conversations about economic development opportunities (transportation focused) for the creation of sustained jobs on the island

13. Learn about trails and share information

14. Carpool

15. Encourage youth to vote

16. Meet local mayors, councillors, MLA, and MP

17. Bring a friend to an event, meeting, and/or community gathering.

Sociably yours,