Encouraging informed discussions, sharing knowledge, and facilitating enhanced learning on topics related to leisure, recreation, tourism, leadership, and quality of life inspire The Sociable Scientists. As true believers in lifelong learning, finding ways to connect learners with teachers, and to promote idea exchanges between colleagues, students, co-workers, teammates, and community members is a growing area of professional development and focus for The Sociable Scientists. From a formal classroom to a kitchen table, an industry conference to networking games to a bike ride through the forest, The Sociable Scientists are keen and able to adapt to each client’s environment.


Concepts include sustainable leisure management, local tourism participation, the value of organizational research, creating more engaged employees, quality of life, amenity-based development, leadership, team building and culture, measuring performance, community development, recreation and health, creative questioning, collaboration across sectors, and relationship building.

staff and board retreats

Customized workshops and activities designed to meet the needs of your organization, reenergize your team, inspire solutions, and create positive experiences and outcomes for all involved.

focus groups

Designing effective questions, recruiting participants, hosting the gathering, listening, observing, and fostering a comfortable space for an in-depth dialogue of needs, opinions, experiences, wants, challenges, and solutions, leading to valuable, relevant, and useable data.


Family/Tourism Feud

Family/Tourism Feud

The Sociable Scientists are positively challenging tourism industry leaders to engage in the data that is being created and uncovered in...
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