Fitting it in (November 27)

Different day, different energy.  Some days all I seem to be able to accomplish for movement is fitting it in, so here are some ideas you can try! 

1. Squats while brushing my teeth in the morning, balance exercises during all other teeth brushing throughout the day (sometimes that’s only one more time before bed, other days I brush two or three more times), so the key here is that I’m in one spot anyway, so I have the time to fit in a movement.

2. Sit ups and balancing poses while watching tv (all streaming services are included in tv here and I’m pretty sure almost everyone watches something).  Basically anything can happen during the time we would otherwise be sitting and watching.  I sometimes bring my mat out and just stretch.  Planks are a bit tough while watching a screen as you may be holding the pose in an unhealthy way (head up or sideways), but side planks can be done.  

3. Toe raises and balancing postures while cooking or prepping a meal or washing dishes or chatting.

4. Kegels for the ladies, basically whenever.  Yup, I started doing them while typing this.  And pelvic floor exercises on the whole have been getting more attention as of late, so I’m going to look into this one a bit more and bring them into my days.

5. Jumping rope.  One of my friends and colleagues uses this one and encourages me to as well.  I now have a garage, so that’s a pretty good spot to jump in between online meetings or phone calls.

6. I have a resistance band too that I just brought out the other day.  It works well for breaking up my sitting and typing time.  

To be clear, I don’t do all of these things every day.  But much like why I’m reflecting and ‘writing’ each work day, finding ways to vocalize or get these ideas out into the world is also reminding me of all the ways in which I can keep and bring healthy leisure into my life.  Preserve the positives!