Leisurely thoughts (November 18)

I know I rave a lot about where I live.  I think it’s important to appreciate and acknowledge and notice the people and places that make us happy.  And I try to give to the people and places that contribute to my quality of life and well being.  Simplicity in how and where and when we choose to participate in our community can be a beautiful thing.

Each day in November, I am walking outside for at least 20 minutes.  It’s actually my personal monthly challenge.  And for me, where I live, this is a simple and uplifting experience.  I’ve written about the ever changing tide in front of my home, and walking each day along the shoreline is as much about the earth as it is the ocean, and my physical health alongside my mental health.  I get so inspired and so calm when I take the time to explore where I live.  

I’ve been taking a bucket with me and collecting garbage that has washed up onto the shore.  Every single piece of debris we can take out of wild spaces is beneficial to the ocean ecosystem.  And why wouldn’t I pick up garbage?  I do my best to not ever litter, but I’m sure it’s happened.  And I have the ability to pick garbage up, so I do.  I also find the neatest sea creatures and logs and pieces of lumber and rocks and shells!  Sometimes I simply observe, sometimes I take photos, and occasionally I come home with a rock or shell or piece of wood.  

I walk alone.  I walk with my Love.  I walk with friends.  We all see different things.  We experience different emotions and reactions to the vastness of the ocean and the changing of the shore.  Yesterday, the wind was so strong, I could barely stand!  A few weeks ago, Sarah and I built a bridge across the creek so we could keep walking.  A few days later, Steph, Ruby, and I crossed that same bridge on our own exploration.  I love that I am in a place I can share in a healthy and safe way.  A place that fills my heart when I’m just with me and a place that I can be sociable.  

I encourage all of us to find those places and notice them.  And in whatever way you can, contribute to that place being healthy and sustainable.  And if that means you donate money or you get your hands dirty or you give your time and/or whatever other way makes sense to you, please do it!  We need active participation in the places and spaces we love.  

#IlovewhereIlive  #whatsyourleisure