Modify and adapt (November 16 + 17).

I’m sociable.  And leisurely.  I’m not so techy and there is a lot to learn about all things Internet and websites, but one thing I know for sure is that I’m not selling pharmaceuticals through my  I don’t really know how long ago my website got hacked, but I only recently became aware of it and how pervasive it became.

So this blog post is being composed in my Google Docs and I’ll slide it into my website once I’m back on the up and up.  What I have been doing over the past few days is watching a spectacular storm pummel the East Coast of Vancouver Island.  Super loud thunder last night, prior to seeing any lightning, scared me into thinking that either ships or tug boats had collided offshore or that a volcano somewhere down the coast had erupted.  I texted another friend who lives on the water to ask if some sort of tragic accident had occurred.  Right around the time she responded, we saw a sheet of lightning light up the whole sky.  We don’t get a lot of lightning or thunder here – I seriously think I’ve seen and heard it ten times over the 20 + years that I’ve lived on the island.  It’s so amazing!  And mysterious.  And frightening!

Then this morning, we woke up to waves crashing up onto the rocks right in front of our bedroom windows.  With high tide at 7am, the intensity was invigorating.  I jumped out of bed to watch the spectacle of wind and waves and wood tossing around.  And I’ve been pretty distracted by the weather for most of the day.  As I watched and listened to the Tourism Industry Association of Canada’s 2020 Virtual Congress, I was partially prepared to drop to the floor and hide under the table if the weather smashed through our front windows (because I was positioned with the best view possible, which was as close to the windows as I could get).  It’s difficult to grasp the intensity of weather on video or through photos.  Like many of my experiences, I really do enjoy simply being part of what is happening, and taking myself out of the moment to take photos isn’t necessarily where I shine.  

Which brings me back to being sociable.  And leisurely.  I’ve been walking the beach each day.  Exploring and observing.  Tides are fascinating.  They change the shoreline, the rocks, the flora, the fauna (I might be considered something of a birder now).  Add in the storms and the change is exponential!  Full trees have moved on and off our shores.  I do think taking photos would be helpful to remember how different it does look, but simply being where I am is so lovely.  I am thankful for where I live.  

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