We design and implement research projects that are applicable and relevant, and that elevate the capacity of our leaders to make informed decisions and create actionable plans. Leisure connects us where we work, where we live, and where we play. Its role in enhancing quality of life for individuals, communities, and our society as a whole is often undervalued; our research aims to raise the awareness and understanding of leisure, thereby driving greater investment of our resources (time, energy, knowledge, finances) back into leisure. The path of research within a sociable science is rarely linear – context, iterations, new information, experimentation, and circumstances can cause bumps, loops, and crossings – and navigating that process is one of the strengths of The Sociable Scientists.


“I wonder why…?” is a familiar phrase for The Sociable Scientists. There are so many topics of interest within the study of leisure – we can question the role of leisure in the interactions between visitors and residents of community; we can study the influence of leisure experiences on citizen satisfaction; we can examine how the development of tourism amenities enhances quality of life for residents; we can examine culinary tourism as it relates to increased food sovereignty within our island economies – leisure connects our societies socially, economically, and environmentally.