Uplifting and Grounding (aka Lifelong) Learning (November 19)

I’m choosing to include topics here that have been ruminating in my mind and my life over the past 20 – 25 years (give or take a few).  I think most of us have curious minds.  I hope most of us consider ourselves to be lifelong learners, because I think a lifetime is not nearly enough time to learn all the things.  And by all the things, I mean all the things that fascinate me and inspire me and strike my curiousity.  As a self-professed lifelong learner, I try to keep at least one non-fiction book on the go at all times (I’ve talked about books before, and books will be the focus of this lifelong learning post {story?}) too.

Having just finished The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates, my creative energy is once again heightened by my volunteer activities.  Ms. Gates describes the meaning and challenges and opportunities of running a foundation, and this book happened to come into my life within a month of me becoming Vice President of the Campbell River Salmon Foundation, and my renewed focus on my own initiative.  

The War of Art is the next step in me taking my idea into reality.  I’m going to keep my senses open to learning beyond the book (e.g. when Mim phones while I’m settling into my designated 20 minutes of reading time. Mim is one of the purest forms of inspiration I have both for this IDEA and my life in general.  So I take a pause on my reading, tell her about the book and remind her of my IDEA, she encourages me as she does because she is amazing, we talk for a while, the sky turns dark, and I need to write my blog for today!  All for very good reasons, which will become more apparent once I actually talk about and name and give shape to my IDEA.  We talk about life and travel and experiences and family. Taking that time when it’s given is something I need to be cognizant of, every day.  I’m so blessed to have a loving and supportive family.  People who encourage me and tell me I’m smart and kind and thoughtful and make pretty good choices!  My IDEA honours that feeling of self-worth and compassion for myself and others.).  In the opening pages of The War of Art, author Steven Pressfield describes sitting and writing. Not sitting and debating about whether or not to write or being so self restrictive in how words get onto the page that you don’t write at all.  Just write.  

So if my thoughts here don’t seem to follow the most logical order, I need to remind myself that this writing is what I’ve needed.  This reflection and communication of the reasons why leisure and creativity and community and sustainability and learning are so valuable to me as a human and how I need to be the one to integrate these values into my personal and professional life in all the ways that I can. I will continue my reading, giving my IDEA shape and structure and life.  Putting my learning into practice is part of what lifelong learning is.  Applied learning.  LOVIT.

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