who we are

The Sociable Scientists feel blessed to live, work, and play on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of British Columbia. Owner and Strategic Lead, Laurel Sliskovic, co-founded The Sociable Scientists in 2013 after completing a Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management from Vancouver Island University. Combining a career in the tourism and recreation sectors and a natural love for the outdoors with an insatiably curious mind, Laurel’s passion for promoting and enhancing quality of life through active participation in leisure leads The Sociable Scientists in all we do.


Laurel Sliskovic

Owner and Strategic Lead

Laurel Sliskovic started her career in the tourism industry as a whitewater rafting guide in BC’s interior in 1997. Sixteen years, a diploma in Recreation Administration (2000), a degree in Tourism and Recreation Management (2002), and a graduate degree in Sustainable Leisure Management (2013) later, she turned her passion and experience into The Sociable Scientists Inc. – an innovative research and facilitation company. Laurel’s love for all things tourism and recreation stems from an appreciation for the great outdoors and the joy she gets from being a part of a healthy, positive environment. She believes that people who are involved in the tourism, recreation, and leisure industries in British Columbia have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and stewardship with respect to social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Her work experience in the leisure sector includes:

  • whitewater raft guide
  • youth recreation programmer
  • guest services agent
  • research assistant
  • campground manager
  • university instructor
  • college instructor
  • entrepreneur
  • project manager
  • research lead
  • community facilitator.

Laurel embraces her leisure time through:

  • running
  • biking
  • exploring
  • swimming
  • standup paddle boarding
  • snowboarding
  • gardening
  • practicing yoga
  • volunteering
  • actively participating in community events.

How we work and play

We work:
With integrity
With kindness

We play:
With joy and happiness
Through meaningful experiences
With open hearts and minds