Why I need to revisit Marshall Goldsmith’s Wheel of Change

The monthly challenges really do work for me.  They are challenges, to be sure.  Reflecting on topics surrounding leisure, community, and/or sustainability, then putting my thoughts into words by ‘writing’ about them, has been a welcome way to get some of my focus back.  Adding in an activity that I think will be valuable to me, forces (in a positive way) me to address whether or not I really can accomplish said activity.  Do I just think I have the discipline and skill and interest to reflect and write every day or do I have those things?  Proving to myself that I do is creating a positive prompt in my day (it’s not quite a habit yet), to take the time to sit down and focus on something I set out to do.  

And as I create time in my schedules for new activities in my days, I am reminded how something has to give to make space for what I’m choosing to add.  Marshall Goldsmith, who I’ve followed for almost 10 years now, is an executive leader and coach, and one of the first things I learned from him was the Wheel of Change – Create, Preserve, Eliminate, Accept.  (I’m sure I’ve talked about this on a few occasions, but some things are worth repeating, and repeating to myself, which is why I’m writing about it.)

Thinking purposefully about what I want to 

Create – changing positive(s) by adding;

Preserve – keeping existing positive(s);

Accept – keeping existing negative(s) without letting them negatively affect me; and

Eliminate – changing negative(s) by getting rid of them.

The positives and the negatives can be thoughts, behaviours, habits, activities, relationships, responsibilities.  Each person’s Wheel of Change will be different and that, to me, is fascinating!  I recently read that the advice to go easy on yourself isn’t good blanket advice, as some people may need to be harder on themselves, and that being my best self to feel and be healthy in mind, body, and spirit may not need me to be easier on myself. Creating space and time for me to accomplish goals that I’ve set out for myself and by extension, my community requires me to think about what I need to create, preserve, accept, and eliminate. Most of us only have space to create if we also consciously consider what to eliminate, and the addition of reflecting and writing time has meant that time spent on something else has been eliminated (Only 24 hours in a day and I’m doing my best to single task, so I need to be on it!).  I am fortunate to be able to choose how I spend my days, so being aware of what is bringing me positivity enables me to create and preserve those elements.  On the flip side, elements that are negative within my sphere either need to be accepted or eliminated.  There is simply not enough energy in me to allow those negative elements to overtake my days.  Hence the monthly challenges.  Create the space and time for reflection and writing.  Here I am.  Showing up for myself, and by extension, my community.

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